The Spider-80X Vibration Controller System

The Spider-80X vibration test controllers have voltage and IEPE inputs which are ideal for shock, vibration and acoustic measurement or general purpose voltage measurement. Each Spider-80X vibration controller is equipped with 8 input channels which accurately measure and record both dynamic and static signals. The mass flash memory simultaneously records 8 channels of streaming signals at up to 102.4 kHz while computing real-time time and frequency based functions. An embedded signal source channel provides various signal output waveforms that are synchronized with the input sampling rate.

  • High Dynamic Range

    The Spider’s performance is the best in class with the highest dynamic range of any similar product. With patented technology, the Spider-80X achieves 160 dBFS input dynamic range (defined in the time domain). Each measurement channel detects signals as small as 6 μV and as large as ±20 V. Such high dynamic range eliminates the need for input range and or gain settings of traditional data acquisition systems. A high speed floating point DSP manages the data input/output and real-time processing. The Spider-80X is also configured with RAM and onboard flash memory for mass data storage. Special thermal and low power designs eliminate the need for a cooling fan.

  • Vibration Test Control - Operation Mode

    The Spider-80X vibration test controllers are controlled by a host computer or run in Black Box mode, where a pre-programmed schedule is downloaded to the unit and started manually or based on an event trigger. The ability to use any vibration test controller in Black Box mode or in a network distributed system means that users are able to place modules close to the measurement object.

  • Full Vibration Test Control Software Suite

    The Spider-80X system has a full vibration test control software suite available. EDM (Engineering Data Management) software by Crystal Instruments features a modern intuitive interface for vibration test control needs. The Spider-80X is also compatible with the iPad App version of EDM. Contact Crystal Instruments for more details. Software solutions for vibration control include: